A wide range of courses are available at LTTC

LTTC offers a great number of courses and student activities. These offerings range from test sessions, language-training workshops, networking events, and seminars to monthly English Conversation Club sessions. In addition, LTTC provides a wide range of resources aimed to help evaluate and build the skills of students, faculty members, and administrators.

Registration at LTTC is a process that includes:

- academic advising with LTTC faculty or staff member
- registering for the course online
- paying a tuition and / or confirming attendance.


  • TOEFL iBT® Preparation Course

    LTTC offers preparation courses with alternating design, depending on the length of the course and learning objectives. Each course covers all four sections of the TOEFL iBT® and every week you will either be practicing your strategies and skills or will be taking a practice test.

    Along with test-specific skills and strategies, you will improve your English-language skills through face-to-face communication with native speakers.

  • General English Course
  • Management Consulting Course
  • Scholarly Communication
  • European Union Integration: history, culture, political economy and key institutions
  • English for Specific Purposes (Subject-related English)
  • English for Science and Academic Excellence


To register to a course, click here.

Other types of activities, seminars, special and temporary courses are listed in the News and Events page

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