02 August 2016

TOEFL Program at ETS

by Dmitry Shaposhnikov



In this edition, we will share the 5 things that we are talking about right now, including the announcement of the second running of the TOEFL® massive open online course (MOOC) in September. Be sure to check out our Feature of the Month as it introduces you to Marie Ward, Manager in the Test Taker Advocacy division of ETS.

We hope you’ll find these stories interesting and informative — and we welcome any feedback.


Eileen Tyson
Executive Director of Global Client Relations, ETS

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5 Things We Are Talking About Right Now
  1. For the fourth year in a row, the TOEFL® team sponsored the international fair Studyworld.
  2. The second running of the ETS massive open online course (MOOC), TOEFL® Test Preparation: An Insider’s Guide, will launch in early September.
  3. Propell® Workshops for the TOEFL iBT® Test went on tour this year. Learn more about it.
  4. Thousands of students around the world participated in the second annual TOEFL® Young Students Series GO English! project.
  5. Security Matters: Using the highest standards to create test content.

Feature of the Month

Meet Marie Ward, Test Taker Services Manager, who has worked with TOEFL® test takers in various roles for more than 25 years

In her current role, Marie Ward enjoys managing relationships. She actively advocates for the TOEFL® test taker, and with each interaction her goal is to consistently ensure that everyone is working with a shared commitment to all test takers. Test takers contact her team for various different reasons and Ward’s team looks to assist them by improving their experience. A few services her team helps with are questions about registration, confirming the status of score reports and working to update personal account information. At the end of each day, Ward is instrumental in keeping everyone “on the same page” so that no one goes without having, in some small or large way, improved the test-taker experience.


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