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General information

A unity of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, LTTC has been designed to advance quality in language education for MIPT students, faculty members, administrative and support staff by providing language training and test preparation. LTTC offers a wide range of educational programs – including TOEFL® iBT Preparation Course, GRE® revised General Test Preparation Course, TOEIC® Preparation Course, GMAT® exam Preparation Course, English for Academic Studies Course, Writing and Critical Thinking Workshop, Science Related English Course and many others.

In addition to language training and test preparation, LTTC administers TOEFL® iBT as well as TOEFL® ITP.

LTTC intends to boost high-quality language teaching, enhance learning English, raise awareness of MIPT as an academic institution that cares about language proficiency standards, increase the quality of publications, encourage MIPT faculty members to deliver lectures in English and meet the growing demand for research-based organizations and academic institutions around the world for high-quality science communication solutions.

Our committed teaching staff have high level of expertise in language training. Almost all of us have advanced degrees and 4 are PhD degree holders.

What do we do?

❝The sum of human wisdom is not contained in any one language❞

Ezra Pound

Founded in February 2014, LTTC offers more than 10 courses not included in the university syllabus and provides independent monitoring of the quality in language learning as well as teaching in addition to test preparation for standardized English tests: TOEFL iBT®, TOEIC®, GRE®, TOEFL ITP®.

As well as offering an invaluable student learning experience, LTTC is committed to ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities that MIPT faculty and staff can seize.

LTTC employs native English speakers with extensive teaching experience in higher education institutions, which guarantees adequate exposure to English.

30, building 8, Pervomayskaya, Dolgoprudny
Moscow Region, 141700
Russian Federation

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