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The mission of the Language Training and Testing Center is to provide excellent language training and develop students’ language abilities to the fullest. Our aim is to promote a culture of standardized language testing throughout and beyond MIPT.

Our faculty and support staff strive toward these objectives in a context of creativity, integrity and excellence, in an environment of collegiality, and responsible stewardship.

LTTC also aims to provide students, faculty members and staff with additional opportunities to obtain a language level that allows for intercultural communication in various situations of professional foreign language communication in an academic learning environment.

How we operate

LTTC offers programs and services that support MIPT international competitiveness, through close collaboration with ETS (Educational Testing Services), ETS Global, Macmillan Science and Education, Macmillan Publishers, Students International (SI) and many other world-famous companies that share high quality language materials as well as their best practices.

LTTC encourages English language acquisition; assists test takers with effective test preparation strategies, designs unique language programs and conducts workshops worthy of MIPT!

LTTC is subject to scrutiny by Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs.

Why train with LTTC

❝Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own❞

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Whether you need to assess your foreign language competence, improve your English-language skills before taking a standardized language test, acquire a better command of English to give a successful conference presentation, excel at science writing, or prepare for the better job that you deserve – LTTC is your best choice!

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Russian Federation

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