LTTC faculty is composed of professionally qualified teachers of English who bring their students a diverse wealth of knowledge in various aspects of language learning. Virtually all LTTC faculty are vastly experienced in language training and test preparation. Almost all LTTC courses are taught by native speakers of English who make themselves available to students outside of the classroom, which allows for a closer student-teacher relationship and creates a stimulating language environment.

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Brief biographies of the core faculty members include important achievements and academic interests. Valuable pieces of information – qualifications, skills, level of expertise – will help you choose the right course and the teacher that could best satisfy your most pressing educational needs.

It is going to be the hardest choice as you will not have to choose what is right and what is wrong, you will have to choose between what is right and what is the best (James Ford)!

Undoubtedly, getting to know the faculty will contribute greatly to the success of language learning and test preparation.

LTTC is devoted to excellence in providing support in language learning and test preparation. Having excellent job-related knowledge and experience, the staff performs a variety of duties for the LTTC. Our staff is committed to offering MIPT students and all the teaching and administrative staff a positive experience in mastering language skills that vital for everyday life and academic success.

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The Director is responsible for the LTTC management and strategy. The administrator runs the reception area, handles requests for classroom reservations, helps organize events, directs incoming phone calls and assists the Director, Deputy Director and LTTC guests. The IT specialist is responsible for the website, its development, layout and design of visual and information structure.

In the cozy atmosphere of LTTC you can study English, become acquainted with Anglo-Saxon culture, discuss issues of the modern world and watch the latest films. LTTC will help you choose an internship, find out how international student exchange programs work and which language course or test is best for you.

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Ideally situated on the MIPT campus, LTTC offers first-class test facilities and helps you through the test process by assisting you from beginning to end.

Those of you who are good at science subjects and whose achievements in language learning and academic research are significant stand a fair chance of signing up for any LTTC course without having to pay for the course.

In addition, LTTC contributes to the international profile of MIPT participation in international conferences, teaching international students and hosting international visitors.

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Moscow Region, 141700
Russian Federation

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